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Acta Innovations is a journal publishing peer-reviewed original research papers, short communications, review and opinion works in areas of Energy, Food Technology, Environmental Engineering and Economics with a clear indication of impact of presented research and innovation on the addressed area.

Since the foundation of the Acta Innovations, the publisher (RIC Pro-Akademia) has aimed to publish manuscripts with integrity and independence to influence the world beyond academia, which published articles till issue 50 and from issue 51 ROTHERHAM ACADEMIC PRESS LTD aims to publish the articles with same integrity and innovation. Achieving impact made by our manuscripts will remain a fundamental objective of our journal. Our primary research topics include Energy, Environmental Engineering, Economy and Food Technology. These provide the foundation by which we deliver benefit to society. The reach of our impact is global and our interpretation of impact is broad; we have succeeded only when the knowledge we had published contributed to benefits of and influenced the society, our environment and the economy. Hence, any submitted manuscript should address some of the impacts listed below. 

Social Impact: The manuscript, if relevant, should address issues of  how the research/innovation draws attention to significant social challenges including issues of limited resources and sustainability, health, poverty, inequality and conflict in societies. The research on justice and equality, human rights and modern day slavery can also be addressed. The manuscript can also address aspects related to the way of how the main worldwide challenges and a sustainable future are dealt with through international collaborations on climate change. 

Economic Impact: The manuscript should seek to demonstrate an impact on the economy through e.g. the development of new products and services that improve productivity, efficiency, durability and sustainability. It can be demonstrated by the development of future technologies including green chemistry, industrial biotechnology, functional materials and that have a strong pipeline of research and innovation with commercial value.  

Environmental Impact: The manuscript has to demonstrate how the environmental impact is addressed. The manuscript should clearly address all aspects of environment and environmental policy. It can be done by numerous ways including LCA as well as other reliable and well-stated metrics.  

Policy Impact: The manuscript should address aspects related to delivering public services and providing the evidence base for decision-making and resource management in the areas of energy, environment, economics and food. Manuscripts should address how the described process contributes to social policy, environmental management and energy and how widely influential they are. 

Regional Impact: The manuscript can provide an emphasis on the regional impact. It can address aspects related to the importance of innovation and research capability in the region in the sense of development of new actions affecting e.g. economic activities, well-being as well as environmental challenges. 

The impacts listed above are just examples and do not constitute exhaustive lists of impacts that can be addressed in the manuscripts submitted to Acta Innovations journal.  

Vol. 51 (2024)

Published: 2024-02-26


Oscar Gustavo Guadalupe-Zevallos, Paola Corina Julca Garcia, Zoraida Judith Huaman Gutierrez, Luis Reynaldo Exebio Moya, Carlos Augusto Luy-Montejo, Fernando Escobedo



Towards Sustainable Future: Exploring Renewable Energy Solutions and Environmental Impacts

Dr. Satya Subrahmanyam, Dr. Danielle Khalife, Dr. Hani El-Chaarani



Unravelling the Fat Composition of Soybeans: Insights from Scientific Inquiry

Azamatjon Sh. Gulomidinov, Mirzohid Sh. Jaynaqov, Ruhangiz A. Atamirzayeva



Nanomaterial Mixed with Dyes to Make Solar Cell Concentrator

Najlaa Mohammad Hadi, Adnan Falh Hassan, Talib Mohsen Abaas



University Social Responsibility as Part of Sustainable Development in Latin America: A Study of Scientific Production in the Last 20 Years

Ronald M. Hernández, Miguel A. Saavedra-Lopez, María Rojas-Pisfil, Oscar C. La Rosa-Feijoó, Aníbal Mejía Benavides


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